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For the 2018 season, we’ve designed 7 limited edition jerseys for Danny to wear throughout the year, each based on a different collection. You’ll see one at every race, starting at Lošinj, Croatia on April 21. Seven races, seven jerseys.

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Round 1

APRIL 21-22



A new venue for 2018, Lošinj island is the perfect backdrop for the start of the 2018 World Cup season. The track is expected to be short but rough and rocky, with several big drops and jumps and a unique street section. It is estimated to be around the 2 min 40 sec mark for the fastest downhill racers in the world.

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Round 2

JUNE 2-3



A mainstay of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, Fort William’s fast, rocky track is a rider and fan favourite. Hosted on the slopes of Anoach Mor in the Nevis Range, the 2.8km long course will feature a new wooded section, before riders sprint down the motorway and send the infamous jump into the finish arena.

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Round 3

JUNE 9-10



Austria's premier mountain bike destination hosts a World Cup downhill event for yet another season. Modifications in recent years to Leogang's Speedster downhill trail have made this course feel less bike park-like, with technical sections just waiting to trip up the downhill elite.

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Round 4

JULY 7-8

Val di Sole


The track in Val di Sole is known for being one of the most technically demanding tracks in the world. The steep slope and natural woodland terrain forces riders to negotiate rocks and roots that become more exposed as the weekend progresses.

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Round 5

July 14-15



One of the original bike park tracks with a balance of natural trail, Andorra’s steep slopes and sharp-edged rocks are matched with large jumps and berms. A decade on the circuit, the track has evolved to become a favourite of the riders and 2018 will be no exception.

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Round 6

August 11-12



Along with Fort William, the legendary Mont-Sainte-Anne stands as the iconic race venue. Over 25-years the venue has hosted a series of historic races on the fast, technical course full of tree roots, rocks and jumps. Year 26 will be no different as the latest, greatest mountain bikers and their machines take on a course that still brings its a-game.

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Round 7

AUGUST 25-26

La Bresse


Old school! A track cut into a grassy French hillside, La Bresse returns to the World Cup circuit for the first time since 2011. Concluding the series, riders will be racing to secure their place on the overall podium, so times will be tight.

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We’re super excited to have a three-year contract with the most exciting rider on the World Cup circuit. Even if he’d stepped off the bike after his 2011 World Championship run in Champerey, Danny Hart would have been a bona fide British downhill legend, but he’s only added to it since and we’re looking forward to being part of his story.

Pro riders like Danny place demands on their kit like nobody else. They need the best because they are the best. That’s why we involve the Madison Saracen team in the product development process so we can create World Class MTB clothing that will handle anything you want to throw at it, and you’ll look good too.