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Warranty Request

If it's a warranty or service related inquiry, the first point of call is the retailer from whom you purchased the bike - if there is any issue they can't resolve they will get in contact with us directly.

Madison cannot process warranty claims directly with you, but if there is something we need to know about do get in touch.

Sizing Advice

For sizing advice, we strongly recommend a visit to your local dealer. It's not easy to offer good advice on how a bike will fit remotely and a shop's experience here is invaluable; however we're able to offer information on aspects of our bike's design and layout that may help. Stock Enquiry

Stock Enquiry

If your enquiry is stock related, please check with your local dealer first as they may have stock of bikes that we no longer do and they too have the facility to check our stock levels 24/7. We have no real way of saying who has stock of what at any given time.